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Re: [tor-talk] ProtonMail

On 2016-05-12(03:47:55+0300), Jerry Rocteur wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried to post this before but it never got to the list I think. 
> I wanted to subscribe to ProtonMail, which I discovered from reading posts here on this list.
> I wanted to get your opinion, is ProtonMail a good solution for encrypted mails or should I look at alternatives.
> Iâve searched and read quite a few articles and I understand that nothing is really secure .. I also have my own Debian server on the web so Iâm open to suggestions if any of you has an opinion.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jerry

Keep in mind that ProtonMail is still in beta phase.
They fixed some problems, but they did not address all of my bug reports
so far, which might make it unpleasant to use for people who deal with
expect people to get angry at you because their
webinterface reply only knows 1 layer of comment block and you can't
even break this block.

This alone + forced html format and no way to hook into with an external
application are big minus for people who care about email as just text,
in my opinion.

ââ ng0

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