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Re: [tor-talk] torsocks vs proxychains4

It usually works well, but for instance, when running firefox (or other
browser with it) it may leak your DNS requests, so beware of that.

To avoid this you could edit /etc/resolv.conf to

and your requests will be resolved through tor.

> I trust torsocks more, not because it has tor in its name, but because
> Jake is working or has worked on it. But torsocks 2 makes youtube-dl get
> out of memory and swap too.
> proxychains4 is something I just found out. It works well. It was built
> for something else, although it can be used only for tor too. It is more
> complex and that is usually not a good thing. And there is no -i switch
> to generate a user/password pair.
> What can you tell me about these two apps? Can I trust proxychains4 not
> to leak data?
> Cheers,
> Lara

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