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[tor-talk] augmented browsing - "sed inside torbrowser"


I wonder if there are more interested people out there to include a
"postprocessing" of the HTML code via  *sed*  type search & replace
expressions. A tiny sed copy could be included in the brwoser and a
domainbased list of expressions be given to sed that modifies the html
code(s) according to personal tastes.

   + this allows javascript-free augmented browsing
   + sed is very powerful & a  lot of tutorials are available.
   + sed is rather stable & tested

   - a sed-copy has to sit inside the browser,
   - I am not sure to be able to do this alone: I never coded larger
     projects, my C-knowledge is basic and tor-browser is a
     "sensible object" to start "playing" around :)

Thank you for comments / suggestions. Bernard
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