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Re: [tor-talk] augmented browsing - "sed inside torbrowser"

Using sed/awk/etc. for website transformation sounds very silly.  Your
scripts will turn completely unwieldy as soon as you try to do something

You can do much more, much easier by using your own self-served javascript.

And you don't need to install extra addons like Greasemonkey for that
(people just shouldn't install anything on top of Tor Browser, unless they
are competent programmers and have audited the code).  Nor enabling
javascript for the website itself.  All you need is already conveniently
packaged in Tor Browser: NoScript.

Learn about NoScript surrogates.

Note: NoScript surrogates are not equivalent Greasemonkey scripts,

Warning: You have to think carefully about the sort of transformations you
make and in what context you make them.  Because they could be used to
fingerprint you.

PS: Talking about code audits: How many of you have looked at NoScript's
source?  I have.  I was happier prior.
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