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[tor-talk] Some thoughts about Tor Project

Hello, I'm just a normal tech guy but I wanted to thank you all Tor
developers and contributors for your work. I know a project like Tor is
needed and it seems it will needed even more in the future. I know it
could be complicated when mass media and the people from the street just
say Tor is a nest for drugs, crimes and pedos but ignores all the good
it does to the world. So I just want to thank you for all your hard work
and sorry for my english if its bad sometimes...

After investigating how Tor works and how mass surveillance is spreading
I made a list of things that could be better:

-A circuit should never have all hops from the same country: days ago I
was on a web with the latest version of Tor Browser and I advised all
hops from the circuit were from the same country. This is bad, since
with bulk data collection and traffic analysis this country could
deanonymize me easily.

-Too much nodes in the same countries... yes, Tor network is controlled
by Germany, USA or France, as I said before if this three countries
implement bulk data collection and share it, maybe more than 50% of the
circuits and Tor users will be deanonymized... I know people just want
cheap VPS to install Tor nodes, but I think thats bad. We should advice
Tor node operators to move their nodes to other countries if possible...
or even a campaign with crowdfunding to create more nodes in countries
where there aren't many...

-Maybe we should think a way of introducing high latency features on
Tor, I know this is troublesome but we need to think a way to protect
people even if NSA and Europe works together against Tor users...

-What about Tor traffic obfuscation by default? I mean the traffic
between all Tor nodes. Will it help on something?

-What about using two circuits like I2P? It would be possible?

-More public libraries with Tor nodes. Great work with that, this
initiative should spread. And maybe how Tor Browser users can help the
network in the future being a relay...

-I heard making a pluggable transport work in a privileged port (less
than 1024) is a hard work. we have to fix it.

-Better node testing: I think some people is working on this already. I
mean more and better ways to test if a exit node is a bad exit, or if
any other node is making traffic shaping attack.

So this is it. Thank you all again for all your hard work and see you in
other time.
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