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Re: [tor-talk] Which reputable webmail providers function well with Tor?

On 2016-05-26(04:42:20-0400), Griffin Boyce wrote:
> blobby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Can anyone suggest a reputable webmail provider that is not totally
> > anti-Tor.
>    I've had a good experience with Autistici/Inventati -- which is a
> small Italian co-op similar to RiseUp.  MayFirst/PeopleLink and Electric
> Embers are also great co-ops that are fine with Tor users, but aren't
> free.  A/I isn't "free" per se either -- they run on donations -- but
> there's currently no payment required to use their services.  They have
> a dozen or so domains that you can choose from.
> https://www.autistici.org/services/
> http://new.mayfirst.org/en/why-join/
> http://electricembers.coop/services/
> *lights a candle for Lavabit*

I have been using A/I for almost 10 years now, but when I wanted to recommend it
to someone who previously had no email account it did not work as they require
an existing email account for verification. There might've been also some
Javascript involved and although they have a .onion address for www,smtp,pop,imap
and other protocols, you can not register through this .onion

This year they changed to lets encrypt and faded out their own CA, so you
have to trust LE as well.

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