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Re: [tor-talk] Could Tor be used for health informatics?


Paul Templeton:
peer to peer data exchange system controlled
by the consumer via public keys & .onion addresses.


Practitioner DB would have permissions to
access data based on customer request.

Flip this ^

People share health information with practitioners; this can exist in many forms, e.g., a push of selected info from patient to practitioner that dies after set time.

Think inspector gadget.

Practitioner only gets temporary/limited privileges (:

Seth David Schoen:

Is needed to protect against intruders, which is outside much of the potential user-base context.

However, https is still a use-case to be designed for, as the .onion experience needs some more tlc.

Tor Browser and some OpenPGP keys may be enough.

P2P cuts out the potentially malicious middlemen, though.

location anonymity

Is relevant for domestic issues that overlap with healthcare.


Can be justified with education as the main trade-off, and is next to non-existent in the locations with large population clusters, especially here in the .kr (:

Nathan Freitas:
operational security outweighs crypto





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