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Re: [tor-talk] Post Quantum Tor

>> was just looking at BGP routing over tor. I'm not sure how to do that with
>> the current implementation over hidden service. I'm having a hard time
>> working out how to use it as layer 2 and encapsulate things over the
>> network from one hidden service to another.
> This is because Tor only provides proxying and exit services at the
> transit layer.  You can't route arbitrary IP packets over Tor, and
> so you can't, for example, ping or traceroute over Tor.
> https://www.torproject.org/docs/faq.html.en#TransportIPnotTCP
> Hidden services, for their part, don't even identify destinations with
> IP addresses, so there's no prospect of using IP routing protocols to
> describe routes to them.

There are ways to do that...



Yes if you changed the /48, played with NAT, and/or added router services...
you could also interface onions end to end with clearnet and things
like CJDNS / Hyperboria if you wanted to.

> There have been projects to try to make a router that would automatically
> proxy all TCP traffic to send it through Tor by default.

Packet filters, tails, whonix, tor-ramdisk, etc do essentially this
all the time.

> that they were supposed to remove linkable identifiers and behaviors.

> send cookies from non-Tor sessions

> continue to be highly fingerprintable.

Then don't do those things.
They're user issues, not issues of whatever anonymous overlay.
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