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[tor-talk] Tor Browser disabled NoScript, but can't update

I've used the latest stable TBB 8.0.8 (Linux) since released with the
latest NoScript (at that time).
Today is the 1st day I saw that NoScript was disabled by TBB.

I see now that it's not a TBB only issue, but also Firefox.
A comment on Reddit said, "They [Mozilla] let their add-on signing
certificate expire and it invalidated a shitload of add-ons."

I assume it expired today?  When TBB & Fx checked for addon versions, it
saw the expired signing certificate.
There is a script listed on Reddit that supposedly will re-enable the
addons, but until Mozilla fixes the signing certificate bug, they said
the script would need running every 24 hrs.

There is a new NoScript version 10.6.1, but it wouldn't be tweaked for
TBB - downloading it from AMO or NoScript's site, even if it would install.

HTTPS Everywhere isn't tagged as a legacy addon for me, but it can't
update to the new version, either.

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