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[tor-talk] tor browser for android (alpha) from fdroid

Hi, i missing orfox and not available in fdroid anymore?! Now then i tried tor browser for android (alpha) from fdroid, in the version before it crashed complete with a blank screen, now with the new version 60.6.1 (2015615265) armeabi-v7a only, i can start the app without crash, when i touch the connect button swipe then to  the left to see tor logs, then i have always this error:

Unable to start tor: Java.io.IOExeption: Control port file not created /data/data/org.torproject.torbrowser_alpha/app_torservice/lib/tor/control.txt, len = 0

Can this be fix it please?? I have no other browser on my phone. :(
I have kitkat android 4.4.4

Thank you!
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