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Re: [tor-talk] Information known by a cellular network provider while using and not using internet

Hi Joe,

Yes, I have heard about using pgp and email client for securing communication via email.

I am just concerned about what the network provider can know about me, not companies such as google, phone manufacturer etc.

More importantly, I want to confirm that if I am using a VPN then surely the network provider cannot know more than VPN's IP address, bandwidth consumption and perhaps location via GPS through the internet service provided by them. (correct me if I am wrong)


---- On Fri, 10 May 2019 15:11:43 -0700 Joe <joebtfsplk@xxxxxxx> wrote ----

On 5/10/19 12:46 AM, npdflr wrote:
> I am using the term static content for details that don't change often and dynamic content for details that change often.
> The content in bold is which I am not sure whether it is known by the network provider.
Bold or other formatting may not show up if tor-talk server only sends
plain text copies of messages to subscribers; or if subscribers choose
to get plain text messages.

Thunderbird & Mozilla apps interpret special characters to add simple
formatting in plain text messages.  *bold*, _underline_, /italics/. I
don't know if non-Mozilla apps recognize these tags. They may not see
any formatting.

> 1) While I am not using the internet:
AFAIK, regardless of internet connection, your personal mobile provider
knows much of your phone's device ID data, your geo location (if GPS
"geo-location" is enabled in settings), who you call / text (or who
calls you), probably content of texts (at least scan / log them) - like
most email providers do.  Three letter agency(ies) could also get a lot
of the same data.

You gave the provider all that identifying data anyway - or they get it
- when their sim card is in your phone, if it's turned on.  If emailing,
the only way to avoid snooping - by someone or agency or nation state,
is if both parties using strong, end to end encryption.  Starting &
ending on each party's device - if they haven't been infected.

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