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[tor-talk] New podcasts from Guardian Project with OONI and Tor folk

If you are looking for some fantastic medium-length listens this week
that feature fantastic members of the Internet Freedom community, well,
search no more!

We've recorded three episodes in the last two weeks during our Clean
Insights Symposium Extraordinaire, that are available to you, free of
charge and free of surveillance (we host the feed and mp3's on
Mayfirst.org). You can listen directly via the links below, RSS feed, or
in your favorite podcasting app (which will potentially track exactly
what you are listening to, how long, from where, etc):

* RSS: https://guardianproject.info/podcast/podcast.xml

* Apple:

* Spotify:


May 22: "Data, People and Dignity Roundtable with Data4Change, Tor
Project, Simply Secure and Okthanks"

Amazing designers talk about data, people and dignity!



May 20 "Clean Insights: Prof. James Mickens and Dr. Gina Helfrich on
Ethics in Computer Science"

Do Deep Fakes matter because they can fulfill childhood dreams of
photorealistic Godzilla or an Avengers movie starring Gandi? Is tracking
the heck out of your users fine, as long as it is you doing the
tracking, or should ethical analytics mean more than self-hosting? How
can we address the often myopic industry and academia to have fewer tech
blind spots? We discuss these things and more!



May 12: "Arturo Filastò of OONI, on Measuring the Internet Like an Octopus"

Nathan and Arturo talk through the promise and peril of uncovering the
hidden truths that lurk below!


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