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Re[2]: Torpark if firefox already on computer

The  problem with Torpark/Firefox running issue is that if you already
have  firefox  running,  it won't load up the portable loader edition,
only  spawn  a  new  window of the one you are running. I plan to have
this problem fixed shortly.

The  effect  is  that  it  is just like using your current browser, no
electronic  condom  whatsoever.  So  you  have to make sure you aren't
already running ffox


Hello Matt,

Thursday, November 3, 2005, 3:14:12 PM, you wrote:

> I beleive, and correct me if I am wrong, that the boot loader was
> meant to say to make sure that firefox was not already running, not
> already installed... There used to be an issue with torpark using the
> same folders that a local copy of firefox used... but they were fixed
> with in version 4.1. so there shouldn't be any problems.

> personally I use torpark on a computer that already has firfox
> installed all the time. I like it cause I always know weither or not I
> am using tor by the browser I am using. Saves the having to turn tor
> on and off.

> On 11/3/05, Ben Clifford <rhodopsin@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I am using Torpark on a system that already has Firefox installed. However,
>> when Torpark runs it says to make sure that the used computer does not have
>> Firefox already installed! So, little bit concerned. What are the
>> implications for using Torpark with Firefox already on the computer? I have
>> checked my IP when using Torpark in this way - my IP is being safely hidden.
>> I cannot get around this issue of firefox already being present on the
>> system. I am using Torpark on a university system - Torpark is on my H drive
>> (the disk space I have been allocated - not sure where this is exactly.
>> Maybe someone more familiar with university IT services will know. My files
>> on the H drive are always available no matter what computer on the
>> university system I log on to). Firefox is on the particular computer C
>> drive that I am using I would guess.
>> So, to reiterate Q - if firefox is on the computer. How "unsafe" is it to
>> run Torpark on this computer. Is Torpark IP hiding/protection comprimised?
>> Thanks so much.
>> rhodo

Best regards,
 Arrakistor                            mailto:arrakistor@xxxxxxxxx