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Re: openbsd 3.6 installation from stable source (

poncenby smythe wrote:
> i first installed libevent 1.1a using:
> ./configure --prefix=/thisdir
> make
> sudo make install
> i then installed tor using:
> ./configure --includedir=/thisdir/include --libdir=/thisdir/lib
> make
> sudo make install

So far, no problems.

> then when executing tor it complains that i am using an old version of
> libevent and tor will be buggy.

You probably didn't add the /thisdir/lib to your dynamic linker's
path.  (Just running "make install" for libevent doesn't automagically
add it to the system's default libraries.)

Read your dynamic linker's documentation on how to add such paths.
With OpenBSD, you usually add the library path to the shlib_dirs= line
in /etc/rc.conf.local.

But is there any reason you don't simply use the net/tor port?  This
will save you all these headaches...

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