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Re: Hacker strikes through student's router

For the record, Tor developers (and many at the EFF) are indeed of many reasons people have claimed that developing anonymity is bad. We think about them a lot, and right now, we don't think that they're correct. In fact, we discuss many of them in the abuse faq, the main faq, and the "Challenges" paper.

In case anybody cares.

I believe(and hope) a great many people care about this.
Does anyone know of other papers written on the subject of 'abuse' of anonymous systems?

at the moment I personally feel that Tor is affording people with questionable intentions an extremely robust and simple to use method to conceal their identity. I have not read the 'challenges' paper but is it correct to think tor developers justify (if that is the right word) their developments by believing that if miscreants did not use Tor they would simply move onto another similar mechanism for conducting their business.
or would taking the tor network down cause any kind of disruption?

impossible questions....