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Tor limitation

Many  of  the Chinese who are using tor are complaining that it is too
slow  to be usable by them. I imagine that those who feel they need to
use this program don't mind it being at about dial-up speeds. However,
this  is  going to continue to erode at Tor's growth. What is the most
proactive  approach  we  can  use to speed up the Tor network? I don't
really  want  to start adding prefiltered lists to Torpark's torrc for
many  reasons.  Should we be heavily promoting Tor servers? How can we
expect  to get much positive response under litigious circumstances as
the boy who just got in trouble at the university?

Has anyone taken a look to see what data passes through their tor exit
node? What % of the data is going to port 80 access, and what is being
spent on P2P?