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Re: For those using Tor with windows

Nick Mathewson wrote:

On Wed, Nov 16, 2005 at 12:10:12AM -0500, Wilson wrote:

Hi, I'm new here but anyhow... I have developed a program called Nodeblock to block Tor routers outside any
country or countries you specify.... im looking for people to test it, i have an ftp setup so you can
access it and download the nodeblockv11.rar and the install text file..... make sure you read
the text file first before installation and set it up accordingly, or nodeblock will not work.

Hi, and thanks for writing this program. A few questions and concerns:

 1. Do you plan on releasing the source code?  Nobody should trust a
    security application if it can't be built from source.

 2. Why so large?  The nodeblockv11.rar file is over 3 MB in size; by
    way of comparison, the windows Tor installer itself is only 968K.

 3. It looks like you're distributing wget in binary form without
    including the source or the offer you received to get the source;
    unless I'm missing something, this is in violation of clause 3 of
    the GPL.

thanks again,

Hi Nick, I was unaware of the violation of clause 3 of the GPL.

The rar is very big because of DLL files needed to run certain programs in nodeblock...

I will put the source code on the ftp....Done

well, the wget source code is bundled with the nodeblock program....