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RE: .9-alpha problem

It was working pretty well (for a windows box with cox isp and kids playing
online games and bitorrent all day) - I finally got a OR port reachable
description a little while ago.

The router is "Elysium", and never mind the message, I was thinking of the
socks port, not the OR port.

No traffic coming through yet, but I think as everyone's cached-routers get
updated it should pick up.  My log had said that the ip flapped a couple of
times and would ignore it for now, so I think the problem was that the old
ip was the one in the directory and it never got updated until a few minutes
ago - I've just never had it take so long to get back in sync with everyone
else when I've changed ips deliberately.

As for the certificate problem (with web browsers) both opera and firefox
just give me the error, and no oppurtunity to take a look at what the cert
chain looks like, and ie just kind of sits there confused for 2 or 3 minutes
with no error.

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> On Thu, Nov 17, 2005 at 04:09:12PM -0800, Bob wrote:
> > The message I'm getting if I try to https to the OR port it
> is that the
> > certificate serial number has been issued more than once by
> the CA.  This
> > started happening after an ip address flap early this
> morning.  I don't show
> > up in the cached-routers file, and am listed as unresponsive on the
> > tor.addicts.nl list (Elysium)...
> Did you (do you) get a better message from your browser with
> What Tor server are you?
> We did change the dynamic IP address stuff in this release, so it's
> likely we've got a bug somewhere.
> --Roger