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Re: Hey guys, here is another (great?) idea

On Sat, Nov 19, 2005 at 09:56:03AM -0800, Brian C wrote:
> Matt Thorne wrote:
> >it would work better if they were required to contribute.
> It would work better from a technical perspective only.

From a technical perspective, it would also fail.  Right now, our
directory-based server discovery system requires all clients to know
about all servers.  This works right now for hundreds of servers; for
hundreds of thousands, it would fail.  We need more architectural work
before we can support a P2P model.

(Yes, we know about existing p2p models, but the problem isn't
trivial.  It's easy to do bad things to anonymity by partitioning
client knowledge, or worse, isolating clients in adversary-targetable

Nick Mathewson

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