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Re: ATTN: for-profit Tor operators

another problem under OSX is the layout in particular

ie /Library etc..

while darwinports will bring in daemontools I havent figured out how to use that version
I am thinking about rewriting the contrib/osx tools to use /usr/local instead as well as figuring out how to tell darwinports to do the same.

tor breaks quite often in this(OSX-Tiger) environment and if you are relying on it as an always up vpn then daemontools are a necessity

a tor hidden services operator
ps yummy... lots of hidden services
to probe using the socat tunneling tricks the hackers will have a field day...

Chris Palmer wrote:

Dan Mahoney, System Admin writes:

I love tor, personally, but I'm daunted by the number of pieces of
software I've had to set up to get it to work. I *really* think the
necessary element here that stops things is the lack of a single-shot

The Mac installer is closer to single-shot than the Linux/Unix/Windows packages; it bundles Tor with Privoxy. Bundling in Firefox and SwitchProxy are of course the next logical steps.

If the for-pay Tor network succeeds, maybe Eugen could pay someone to
build true single-shot installers.