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Re: use of routing information in anti-fraud mechanisms

Geoffrey Goodell wrote:
> I do not have other cards, and my card works everywhere else.  A little
> online investigation suggests that Paypal outsources its card
> verification process to an overzealous company called CyberSource, and
> there are many false positives.

Why do you call them overzealous?  If they are actually overzealous then
they will lose money for their customers (on average) and ultimately
lose business.  But I rather suspect that they are making money for
their customers (on average).

My point, which ought not to be surprising given what I usually say, is
that we should not be too complacent that people who are blocking Tor
are just being overzealous or stupid or anti-privacy.  It can make
sense, and part of our job is to figure out how to help it not make sense.