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Re: Attempts to compromiseTOR servers running windows?

it's most likely comp'd as we're deflecting upwards of 5000 of these
messages (same from headers *@fbi.gov, *@cia.gov) per-day from all over
the net :-(

y0himba wrote:
> My ISP's mail server is getting bombarded with the same garbage.  All the
> messages I am getting are from "defang@localhost", and try to appear (very
> poorly) from official email addresses like fbi@xxxxxxx or
> webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx and so on.  They all contain a .zip with an executable
> and yes, you guessed it, the sober worm.  I am wondering if some idiot is
> doing this intentionally or if a machine has become compromised.  The
> messages I receive are not even addressed to me.  I am getting around 3 a
> minute, and had thousands yesterday.  Outlook's junk filters are handling it
> quite well I must say.