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Re: Nov 01 02:54:12.309 [warn] connection_dir_client_reached_eof(): http status 400 ("Dirserver believes your ORPort is unreachable") response from dirserver ''. Please correct.

On Don, 02 Nov 2006, Martin Naskovski wrote:

> Well, that just completely blows, because the actual router I have is a Netgear FVS114 for my whole house. Does the right fix then lie 
> on the Linux side or at the Netgear router? I'm confused. If fixing it on Linux is going to make an already not too performant cable 
> connection even slower, then I can live without tor26 being able to access my router.  What routers then do not have this issue (and I 
> don't want to set up linux as a router either) ? 

peter is right, TCPMSS will not fix the problem for you, i've been confused
by the PMTU issues Netgear routers also have.. 

i suggest you simple by a new router, for example an linksys wrt54gl, or ..
try an firmware upgrade..


> On Thu, Nov 02, 2006 at 07:10:02PM +0100, Florian Reitmeir wrote:
> > 
> > if its a ECN problem, than look at
> > man iptables
> > -> TCPMSS
> > 
> > it solves your connection problem, but performance is bad. IMHO some Netgear
> > routers are really bad broken and are the cause for this sort of problem.
> > 
> > -- 
> > Florian Reitmeir

Florian Reitmeir