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Re: Tor and NNTP

On Sunday 05 November 2006 20:23, Matt Ghali wrote:
> There is a fundamental flaw in this assumption that will cause you
> problems with a much larger user set than just tor users

this is untrue for NNTP protocol.
Every newsreader makes use of 1 to 4 persistent internet connections. The 
client establishes them then uses the existing ones for all puroposes without 
opening new ones. This makes low the number of total required connections.
90% of my users establishes less than 100 connections per day, 94% less then 
200 and only 1% more than 300. The maximum number is 500 per day.
NNTP is an uncommon protocol, only a few people use it. 
Of course, large routers may be banned but they're well known and i can set a 
different ip based policy if needed.
A lot of clients makes use of automatic news agents like suck which open a 
single connection per time. If they're run every a quarter of hour, a single 
user consumes only 96 connections per day.
Of course, this problem exists for large networks but their routers are well 
known and i can define a different policy for these IPs (the tor access works 
in this manner)