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Re: Possible fishing attempt for eBay

On Fri, 03 Nov 2006 14:58:37 +0100, "Ricky Fitz" <calypso@xxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
> > Did anyone else get these?
> Me too, the funniest thing is: "Your registered name is included to show
> this message originated from eBay" But the name isn't included ;-)
> greetings,
> Ricky.

Oh yeah! And something even moore funny - on the 6 of Novembre 2006, 
I get another fishing attempt, this time pretended to be from PayPal. 
Here below just an excerpt of the first lines, enough to be funny... 
Dear PayPal memeber,
The security questions and answers for your PayPal account were 
changed on November. 10, 2006. 
If you did not authorize this change, please click here to login 
to your account,and update your information 
Hey, i can´t remember me travelling a time machine to change anything 
on the 10 this month, excpetzially as I never had a PayPal account! 

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