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Re: DNS prob?

On Sat, Nov 11, 2006 at 08:43:05PM +0100, Rainer Wiener wrote:
> I got a lot of entries in my logfile like this:
> ---cut
> Nov 11 20:39:03.291 [warn] spawn_enough_dnsworkers(): 100 DNS workers
> are spawned; all are busy. Killing one.
> Nov 11 20:39:03.292 [warn] dns_cancel_pending_resolve(): Bug: Address
> [scrubbed] is pending but has no pending connections!
> ---cut
> someone know what the problem here is?

Good question. For some reason your DNS resolver is not very fast.
It's possible this is because you are attracting a whole lot of traffic,
and it simply can't keep up. More likely is that your DNS server is slow
or otherwise doesn't like you very much. Also possible is that your OS
has threading problems -- which OS are you using?

Which version of Tor is this? The development releases (e.g. Tor have a brand-new different DNS subsystem, so they will
at least have new and different bugs. :)