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Re: Anonymous Blogging

Kees Vonk wrote:

> This reminded me of question I was toying with the other day: If the
> exit node of a circuit was in the same country as the computer of
> origin, it would seemingly be relatively easy to match traffic send to
> the circuit entry node with the traffic emerging from the exit node (I
> realise that the amount of traffic would still make this very hard).

It may be as easy, or in some cases easier to actually do this deed if
nodes are located in different countries. Spend some time researching
trade and MLAT agreements, and you'll soon begin to see that things
like post-9/11 mentality and DMCA have turned the whole thing into a
convoluted mess.

If you're going to start picking nits in respect to the various
jurisdictions nodes reside in, and how it impacts the abilities of an
adversary, it's best to actually look into whether or not any specific
geographical boundaries are a hindrance, or an aide to that adversary.

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