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ff & 2.0 (remote) dns leaks when using tor

hi there,
i've got a setup for anonymous browsing using firefoxf and
lately ff 2 with privoxy and tor (vidalia bundle 0.0.7) on windows xp sp2.
the ff configuration option 'network.proxy.socks_remote_dns ' is set to
true, the setting 'network.proxy.failover_timeout' is set to 50000 and
the 'network.proxy.socks_version' is set to 5 but the ethereal logs show
that firefox is still leaking dns requests, i.e. ff still does the
lookups itself and does not delegate them to the proxy (which is not
quite true: the dns requests are always delegated to the proxy and
_sometimes_ to the local dns client too).
to make it worse the leaks are occuring randomly (sometimes the remote
dns works and sometimes not), so i'm guessing that it is a timeout issue.
does ff fallback to local dns lookup when a remote lookup request is not
answered in a timely manner or is it a failure with the os dns client or
even a ff bug?
what else could be done to prevent ff from dns leaking?

any hints or suggestions would be very nice as it does not make any
sense to me to operate a quite complex and complicated system for
anonymous browsing when tracking of dns requests is all
a profiling facility has to do...


p.s. i've already posted the same message to the the mozillazine ff
general forum without getting an answer

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