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Re: Help! Tor With Maxthon Web Browser

On 11/14/06, Vincent Ninefifty <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Tor recently tried sending out email messages which my anti-virus program
kept spotting and I kept blocking.
Am I supposed to do that?

In all likelihood, your antivirus program is seeing outgoing traffic generated by Tor on port 25 and concludes (incorrectly) that Tor is sending e-mails. It's not sending mail; it's building a Tor circuit.

At one time or another, there is at least one Tor node out there using
port 25 as the OR port. Every time Tor tries to build a circuit using
such a node as the entry node, your antivirus program will complain.
(For a list of current Tor nodes and the OR ports they are using, try

You can safely ignore these antivirus warnings (as long as you're sure
it's Tor making these connections to port 25). Or you can choose to
block the outgoing connection every time, without much ill effect. If
these warnings really get on your nerves, you can tell Tor to stop
connecting to port 25 by adding "ReachableAddresses reject *:25,
accept *.*" to your torrc file.

- John