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How to determine the current number of open files for the Tor user?


after a notice in the logfile that I should increase the number of open
files I follow the instructions of
http://tor.eff.org/docs/tor-doc-server.html.en -> Step three -> chapter 16.
(BTW, the provided link in this chapter
does not have a target).

I added the line "myTorUser hard nofile 8192" to /etc/security/limits.conf.
Additionally i set "ulimit -n 8192" in the .bashrc (my Tor user uses the
At last i set "ulimit -n 8192" in roots shell before restarting the Tor

The notice to increase the number of open files does not appear anymore
but is there a way to find out the value of "ulimit -n" for the Tor user
whithout login as Tor user?