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Is tor the right choice?

WikiLeaks dot Org wrote:
> We seek volunteers to run tor gateway software on stable IPs with good
> connectivity.
> The political and legal risks are probably small compared to that of a
> full exit server. The bandwidth
> requirements are smaller too, but we ask that all nodes have at least
> 1mbps up/down to aid responsiveness.
> WikiLeaks.org is a wikimedia project for the large scale dispersal of
> leaked documents.
> Thanks,
> Lucky
> ---
> FF6B 1C07 CB9A E501 F579  2020 E50E 8F25 1101 5F80
Considering that you want to publish leaked documents, I would suspect
that Freenet would be a better choice then a Tor hidden service.

Watson Ladd

They who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary
Safety, deserve neither Liberty or Safety
--Benjamin Franklin

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