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Re: Help! Tor With Maxthon Web Browser

I don't need to add anything with the bypass addresses beginning with:     box do I?
At the moment it's box just shows <local>

Thanks so far.

This is a resend without my signature which I believe hindered previous requests in case you get a duplicate.


y0himba wrote:
www.maxthon.com It's a wrapper for IE, not an actual browser. You can go to
"options" then "proxy" then "proxy setup". If you are running the default
Tor/Privoxy configuration then hit the green "+" button at the top right,
Name it "TOR(Privoxy)", address is "localhost:8118" and speed is "faster".
If you want to use TOR alone without Privoxy(not recommended, less secure),
Name it "TOR(No Privoxy)", address is "localhost:9050", speed is "faster".

To use it, go to "options", "proxy", then select the proxy you want to use.

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: How do I configure Tor to work with Maxthon web browser?

	What's a maxthon browser?  Does it have options for SOCKS5?
	Have you tried wrapping it with freecap?

: Tor recently tried sending out email messages which my anti-virus
: program kept spotting and I kept blocking.
: Am I supposed to do that?

	Tor doesn't send emails.  If you have Tor configured as a
	server, your anti-virus program is probably seeing someone
	else's mail traffic.

: Is there a .exe program that I can use with my e-mail readers currently
: Mozilla Thunderbird?

	Use freecap, or setup Thunderbird to use Tor as a SOCKS server.
	I believe someone wrote up how to do this on the wiki.

fortune: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda to test your performances of hda ...

	- Samuel Maftoul giving some sane advice