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Re: Patch for Tsocks unifying the platform independent patches required for TOR

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Robert Hogan wrote:
> On Monday 20 November 2006 11:48, Ruben Garcia wrote:
>> Hello all
>> I made a unified patch for five of the seven patches mentioned in
>> http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TSocksPatches
>> I did not apply the MacOSX or FreeBSD patches, partly because I don't
>> have access to osx or bsd (and therefore can't test them), and partly
>> because when I applied the bsd patch, configure didn't run on linux
>> anymore.
>> The new patch is here:
>> http://giig.ugr.es/~rgarcia/tsocks/
>> I don't consider myself suitable to work actively in tsocks, but since
>> the project is dead, with no changes since 2002, I can keep the current
>> version and apply patches on demand.
>> I'll have a look at the osx and bsd patches and update them so that they
>> apply cleanly to 1.8.1 when I have time.
> I for one would find the bsd patches very useful if you manage to clean them 
> for a system-agnostic install. I distribute the patched tsocks with tork and 
> it currently does not install on bsd.
I'll try to update the patch so that it compiles cleanly, and if
somebody tests that it works, we can see which defines to use in
configure to merge the patches.
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