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Stephen Soghoian on U.S. Gov't Attitudes Toward Tor

University of Indiana graduate student Stephen Soghoian, against whom the U.S. Government considered filing criminal charges stemming from an airline boarding pass generator that he posted on-line, in the 28 November 2006 entry of his weblog,/ slight paranoia <http://slightparanoia.blogspot.com/>,/ comments among other things, on the attitude of federal investigators toward the Tor project:

   The Feds (at least those that I met) fundamentally disagree with me
   on many subjects - the role that researchers, academics, and common
   citizens take in studying, criticizing and pointing out the flaws in
   our security systems. I have been laying the groundwork for some Tor
   <http://tor.eff.org> related research at Indiana University (pending
   approval from the University Counsel) - in fact, two of Tor's
   designers are visiting researchers at IU this year. It was made
   perfectly clear during the meeting that parts of the US government,
   at least the two represented at the meeting, strongly disapprove of
   Tor - and in particular, thought that research universities such as
   IU, MIT, Georgia Tech, Harvard and others
   <http://proxy.org/tor.shtml> have no business supporting such projects.