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Re: first hop to entry node, encrypted? sorry for trivial question


On Tue, 06 Nov 2007, Jefferson Iblis wrote:

> I've heard variously that Tor does encrypt my communications with my
> entry node, and also that it does not. Which is true? 

Communication between:
	Your Host -> Tor Entry Node
	is encrypted

	Tor Node <-> Tor Node
	is encrypted

	Tor Node Exit -> Destination in the Internet
	depends, if you use Protocols like https, imaps, pop3, ... then it is, in
	nearly all other cases it is _not_ encrypted

> Can my ISP sniff
> my communications with my entry node?

Your ISP can detect that you are using Tor, if you use Tor correctly. Thats all.
How to configure Tor, and the applications correctly, is shown on many pages
in the Tor wiki.

Florian Reitmeir