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Using Torbutton to toggle between Privoxy+Tor and vanilla Privoxy (was: [privoxy-users] Toggling Privoxy?)

Jim Ford <jaford@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I've got Privoxy and Tor installed on a Win XP machine, via the Vidalia 
> package. I've also got the Firefox Torbutton installed.
> How do I toggle Tor on/off without affecting the status of Privoxy? If I 
> turn Tor off, via the Torbutton of Vidalia, Privoxy also gets turned off.

I don't use Torbutton, but I think it simply changes the browser's
proxy settings. While Privoxy can be used independently of Tor,
Torbutton only lets you either use a HTTP proxy (+ Tor) or no
HTTP proxy at all.

With Privoxy 3.0.6 and earlier you have to edit Privoxy's
main configuration file to change the forwarding settings
and I don't know if Firefox gives its extensions the power
to do that.

Actually I'm not even sure if the Torbutton
developer(s) would want to do that anyway.

Privoxy 3.0.7 beta (which is supposed to be released
this weekend) can be configured to control forwarding
settings with HTTP headers and this makes thinks a lot
easier for Torbutton and friends, but (again) using that
feature may not be desired by the Tor developers.

Of course I can speculate a lot about their motives
to do or not do anything, but I rather CC or-talk@ so they
can give you a definitive answer (Reply-To set as well).


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