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Re: court trial against me - the outcome

On Wednesday 14 November 2007 15:22, Mirko Thiesen wrote:
> Good morning,

Guten Abend,

I have also received such a letter some time ago but I went to the police and 
explained. Of course you have to take care what you say and do not say too 
much. The police tried to frighten me that "normally" they come to check my 
flat and this is nothing nice and I should stop TOR. I asked him if he is 
still well. To check my flat because of a 100€ case where someone claims to 
have logs with my IP address which are plain text files and can be modified 
by any idiot is a little too much. He said: well we do it in Bavaria (Bayern) 
like this. So I asked about "Verhältnissmässigkeit der Mittel" (like you do 
not shoot somebody down because he said something wrong against you) but 
there was no answer. 

 After a while I have received a letter that the case was stopped.

This country needs an revolution!

Grüsse und Kopf hoch!