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Re: Swedish Police Swoop on Dan Egerstad

On Wed, Nov 14, 2007 at 08:41:48PM -0800, Christopher Layne wrote:
> > The Swedish hacker who perpetrated the so-called hack of the year has been
> > arrested in a dramatic raid on his apartment, during which he was taken in
> > for questioning and several of his computers confiscated.
> Amusing of course how said embassies ignore caveat emptor.
> -cl

"As Egerstad and I discussed the problem in August, we both came to the
conclusion that the embassy employees were likely not using Tor nor even knew
what Tor was. Instead, we suspected that the traffic he sniffed belonged to
someone who had hacked the accounts and was eavesdropping on them via the
Tor network. As the hacked data passed through Egerstad's Tor exit nodes,
he was able to read it as well."

I take back my comment. I will say this, as much as I will support any
technology that aids freedom and goes against eavesdropping - I do find
the constant nefarious activity out there today quite annoying. Not tor's
responsibility in the least - just a general gripe about the level of "crap"
flowing through the pipes these days.