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Re: Chroot TOR as explained on Wiki error

Quoth SPKills <speedballkills@xxxxxxxxx>, on 2007-11-18 23:44:36 +0100:
> No errors occur untill the test step where i got :
>       debian:/home/user/tor- chroot $TORCHROOT /tor/bin/tor
>       chroot: cannot run command `/tor/bin/tor': No such file or directory
> Execute $TORCHROOT/tor/bin/tor works fine...

Did you copy over all the libraries into the chroot directory?  If Tor
is dynamically linked and some of the libraries are missing, that's an
error you could get as a result.

I would probably recommend building Tor statically linked if you're
going to chroot it.  TheOnionRouter/TorInChroot has instructions about
that also.

   ---> Drake Wilson