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Re: 20090101... -> Dänemark

 Eugen,, That sounds like some good news coming from EU!  I hope for success to challenges in Germany to their attempt at repressive law.  I am in US.
As everyone knows, we seem to lead the world in this kind of stuff. I think the whole censorship and control mindset seems to have come into office and vogue in January, 2001, or soon thereafter. I have always had the impression that European attitudes were a bit more sophisticated and insightful than here. I will keep a close eye on events as they transpire here.
  I think that Tor is a great example of the international _expression_ of the need for, and value of, freedom in a world that seems to be becoming ever more controlled and devoid of originality.

Georg Sluyterman <georg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Eugen Leitl wrote:
> Data retention law has just been passed in Germany. Here's the list
> of who voted how
> http://www.bundestag.de/parlament/plenargeschehen/abstimmung/20071109_teleueberwach.pdf
> This will be contested as unconstitutional, but in cases it
> will become law all Tor operators are required by law to start
> logging 20090101. Similiar applies to the entire EU, but the
> dates and details might differ.

The details indeed does differ :-)

In Denmark, the implementation of the EU-directive (which is called
'logningsbekendtgørelsen') is not bad news for Tor-operators.

If you have a Tor-server in Denmark, you don't have to log *anything*!
I have this in writing (from something called IT- og Telestyrelsen), if
anybody is interested.

Regarding to the danish 'version' of Vorratsdatenspeicherung
('logningsbekendtgørelsen'), you only have to log data, that you /know/.
That means, if you eg. have an open access point, then normally you do
not know which physical persons have a specific IP-address, and
therefore you do not have to log that.
If you are non-commercial (eg. Tor-operaters normally are), then you do
not have to log *anything*. That means a private open access point does
not have to be register anything.

So if you want to host a Tor-server somewhere in Denmark, feel free to
contact me by e-mail if i can be at any help.

Georg Sluyterman

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