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Re: server incorrectly believes IP address has changed

     On Tue, 20 Nov 2007 16:59:24 +0100 Csaba Kiraly <kiraly@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

>If you did not specify your IP within the torrc, tor tries to guess it 
>based on your hostname ... and this goes wrong if the DNS is wrong!

     As stated in the text you top-posted, if you had read it, I specified
a host+domain name in torrc.  That host+domain name combination is updated
at dyndns.org upon system startup and within ten minutes of any change.  
I use inadyn to test and update the dyndns.org name server data base.

>I think messages related to this are at info level, so you can have a 
>look at info level logs.
>If you are running on Linux, look at your /etc/hosts file.

     I run FreeBSD 6-STABLE.  There is no entry in /etc/hosts because
/etc/nsswitch.conf is set to have the resolver routines check /etc/hosts
before querying name servers.  An entry in /etc/hosts for the chosen
host+domain name combination at dyndns.org would defeat the purpose of
using inadyn and the dyndns.org service.  Although I have not spent time
to familiarize myself with the tor source code, especially since I have
yet to encounter written documentation of its internal structure, I am
not an idiot.  I have also been doing UNIX system administration for two

>Check also what you get from DNS lookup for your hostname with 
>"nslookup" (both Linux and Windows).
     nslookup is a pain in the butt.  I normally use dig.  In any case,
as stated in the text that you ignored, the IP address had not changed.
Therefore it had not been altered at dyndns.org.  And, yes, I did check.
The address had not changed at dyndns.org, and it had not changed here.
The ADSL modem+router's log showed only the initial PPPoE exchange that
resulted from plugging it in.  If the IP address had changed, all of that
would have had to appear in the modem+router's log.
     tor has now been up and running for just over five hours since I
stopped and restarted it because of the problem.  There has been no
recurrence during this time.

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