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Re: court trial against me - the outcome

     On Thu, 29 Nov 2007 13:10:43 -0700 mark485anderson@xxxxxx wrote

>I agree. But here is what one judge in Colorado did to a juror who told

     Agree with what?  Some context would help here.

>others about nullification:
>She was jailed for a period of time and after a lengthy defense,
>eventually release.

     Laura Kriho was definitely victimized by both judge and prosecution.
My recollection is that she was not jailed for more than a few hours at
most, but that memory could be faulty.  The judge took many months to get
around to issuing a decision.  Colorado law places a time limit upon judges
for such decisions.  If the time limit is exceeded, the law says the judge
forfeits his/her salary for that quarter and must return the money to the
state.  AFAIK, Judge Nieto never returned the money and is probably guilty
of defrauding the state of Colorado or some similar charge, but he will
not likely ever be prosecuted or removed from office for his offenses.
     As tyranny advances, it becomes more painful for those who would
resist it.  If the tyrants are not corrected, then eventually their policies
toward resisters become so draconian that a majority of the people finds
the situation intolerable.  What happens next after that is always a gamble.
Like going to the dentist to get the cavities filled before they get so bad
that they necessitate extracting the teeth, it is better to resist like
Laura Kriho did when resisting is not life-threatening than to let the
situation deteriorate to the point where the situation *becomes* life-
>The question maybe we should be asking is not "what are the rules" but
>"how are we going to take back our Country and Freedom"? I, for one, do
>not trust government employees, who are frequently the bottom of the
>barrel, imnsho, to decide what is legal and what is not legal.
     You will recall that the Founders left us four boxes to use in defense
of our freedom, right?  There are many countries wherein the People are
denied all of those boxes, so we in the U.S. are among the fortunate.  It
is up to us to use those boxes as needed and as appropriate.  Box #2 appears
to have been circumvented at last by one branch of the War Party, and the
other branch is undoubtedly beside itself with desperation to gain the use
of the same technology.  That still leaves us boxes #1 and #3 to use for
now.  tor is one technology that helps us to hang onto that first box.  PGP
is another.
     I hope that we don't have to open box #4, but it may well be that
some individuals have already opened it once or twice in recent years.  We
do have the historical record of the Battle of Athens that occurred shortly
after the end of World War II, so we know that it has happened on a larger
scale within living memory as well, but that sort of thing really has to be
the last resort.  Use tor, and stay informed!
[stepping down from box #1...]

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