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Re: Problems starting relay

I can only be of so much help compared to many of the others on this
list but I'll give it a shot as I am posting as it.

On Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 11:50 PM, Geoff Down <downie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having trouble starting up a Tor relay.
> Once I set up port forwarding (I've tried to set it up for TCP and UDP),
> should I be able to

Tor only operates in TCP, you don't need to set yourself up UDP.

> a) Ping myself from a looking-glass service
> b) Traceroute myself from a looking glass ?
> At the moment neither of these work.
> I get 'cannot confirm you can be seen from the outside world' errors.
> I'm on a dynamic IP, Mac OSX, I haven't changed any of the defaults from the
> Vidalia bundle.
> the logs say
> 'Nov 02 04:35:41.569 [Notice] Opening OR listener on'

It probably shouldn't be listening on localhost:9001 or are normal unless OS X is different from Windows &
Linux (sorry, not real familiar with Macs).

Changing that may be enough. It would mean editing your torrc file so
the  ORListenAddress  line is something like

ORListenAddress localhost:9001

-or--not both-


Also, your ORPort line (default: ORPort 9001) must match the above
lines. E.g., if

ORPort 2394


ORListenAddress localhost:2394

> Thanks,
> downie

Hopefully this helps. If not, it is possible your port forwarding is
setup incorrectly. If your computer gets a different IP from your
router every so often it can cause problems (depending on the router).

I have found it is easier to make sure my Tor server has a static IP
*inside* my network. E.g., my Tor server always has the address
192.168.1.xxx. This is is easy to configure with most routers. If you
need to configure it this way and have not I or someone else on this
list ought to be able to help you.

Other questions for you to answer:
1) Whatever version or Tor/Vidalia are you running?
2) What router do you use?