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Re: Questions about bogon filtering [Was: Re: Firewall update (if you're filtering bogons)]

     On Tue, 04 Nov 2008 11:08:24 -0800 "F. Fox" <kitsune.or@xxxxxxxxx>
>Arjan wrote:
>> You're right that it doesn't help security, but I prefer to filter all
>> traffic that's not supposed to come from / go to the internet. Filtering
>> invalid outgoing traffic should help me stay out of trouble with my ISP.
>You've got a point; particularly if you're running an exit, you don't
>want to be seen producing traffic pointed at Mars. =xoD
     Ahem.  mars.thruhere.net (courtesy of dyndns.org) is the inadyn-adjusted
address for tor relay MYCROFTsOtherChild. :-)

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