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Re: DDoS attacks via TOR?


> > is there any documented case of a DDoS attack via TOR or is
> > a DDoS attack via TOR only an urban legend?
> It doesn't make any sense to DDoS people over Tor. It wouldn't work.
> See also https://www.torproject.org/faq-abuse#DDoS

i know, but i have the problem that a government agency blocks TOR with the 
justification that it was a victim of DDoS attacks via TOR. 
The do show no evidence,  they simply block IPs which look like TOR (or JAP) exits,
even when they are not!
It seems their administrators are noobs, because they even don't think about 
CAPTCHAs and other methods, like mod_bandwidth or some more CPUs or 
I think i have to take legal action to end that nonsense, because they are also
blocking the proxy of my internet access provider, which is doubtless no TOR node
and neither anonymizing nor open!