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Re: any middlemen seeing DoS currently?

Olaf Selke schrieb:
> my tor process' workspace increased from about 400 MB to 1200 MB over
> the last hours. Fortuntely anonymizer.blutmagie.de is equipped with 4 GB
> memory.
Similar here: from around 2k to 5.6k connections, cpu load tripled from 25% to
75%, memory consumption increased from 240MB to 840MB, swap file usage from 0
to 450MB. ;-) And traffic declines slowly over the last few hours, probably
because my tor relay rejects most new connections now.
But, kind of interesting that the network stills works more or less, with
noticable higher latency though. ;-)
I took the opportunity to reboot my machine after some updates, doesn't matter
much now. ;-)
Mhmm, I guess, it could be an opportunity to study the effects of a dDOS on
the network, but probably there are no statistics detailed enough for enough
relays available for researchers?