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Data Retention in UK?


I don't know to which extend already details about upcoming details on
data retention in European countries != Germany hav been posted here.
I just found this on the Internet:

	"[..]Government circles are considering the use of a black box technology to
	monitor email messages and web access on a grand scale.[..]" 

So: logging of *content* will be likely.

	"[..]According to them, the black boxes will be secure and won't require any
	direct input from ISPs. Many smaller ISPs, it is said, would be unaffected
	by the black boxes, because these would be installed upstream on the

I read this as: the government wants to log, but does not trust the ISPs to do
the job, and possibly they do not even want to disclose what they are actually 

If I interpret these correctly, this law is coming into effect beginning of
next year.

Are there more news? What about France, Spain, the Netherlands?

-- Lexi

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