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Re: is tor an email mixmaster?


No not yet to my knowledge. However we are building an anonymized e-mail
system based on Tor. Some information is to be found at
http://www.smallsister.org/ Before the end of the year we will have the
tool available.


M. Peterson schreef:
> Hi
> want to know, if tor is as well an email mixmaster,
> e.g. we have an email client, which is sending only pgp encrypted emails,
> then the ISP is excluded as he cannot read, but data retention laws
> allow to log the IP from where the email is sent and the email server
> knows the last exit point of the encrypted package (email).
> If now in this email client an onion routing system would be enabled,
> then all email (enc. Packages) would be routed, and some exit nodes
> would deliver them.
> Is this already possible with Tor? Are there enough exit nodes? would
> it be possible and useful for email services to force every node to be
> an exit node for encry. packets to email accounts? how much bandwidth
> is a node requiring then for mixing/forwarding emails only?
> are there developers working on that? or interested?
> Regards

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