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Re: They know I'm using a proxy(Tor)...but how?

Hi Tom,

On Sun, 30 Nov 2008 23:08:56 +0100, "Tom Hek" <tor@xxxxxxxxx> said:
> There are several DNSBL's that list Tor nodes. If they check against a  
> DNSBL who lists Tor exit nodes they can detect that you're behind Tor..
> Tom

I don't think they are blocking Tor at all, or even looking at the exit

(this is a quote from my original message)
The site is not blocking Tor by exit-node because I get the same error
message when I try to register at the site while using a public
high-anonymous elite proxy (L1).  I think the forum administrator is
using headers to decide if a new member is using a anonymous connection
or not.


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