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Firefox 3.6 beta and personas

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Hello list,
I was reading this Ars Technica post:
when I saw:

"The Personas project, which was launched by Mozilla Labs in 2007, is
now an official part of the Firefox browser. Personas are lightweight
themes that allow the user to trivially skin the browser's user
interface and apply custom (usually tacky) images and colors to the tabs
and main toolbars. Mozilla maintains a Personas gallery online where
users can go to get new visual styles."

When I tested (by chance, I admit) personas back in May, just before the
italian edition of e-privacy, I've had found that the extension will
send a cookie with your ip in plain sight back to the Mozilla network.
The problem is that this cookie is not updated that often so, for a
rogue exit node spoofing/reading getpersonas.com traffic, is really too
easy to grab your untorified IP. Not to mention that I throw the
extension to the not-so-friendly-to-tor bin and I forgot about it.
Now this announcement caught my attention, so the question is: is anyone
 doing any tor tests on firefox 3.6 and/or older firefox with newer
versions of personas? I'd like to know if this behaviour is still valid :)


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Marco Bonetti
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